Card of the Day – Thursday, Sept 8, 2011

Today’s Card is The Father, and in a world reading this card can be a symbol for several different things.  Authority, The Tribe and even Rebellion may be at work here; as can the benevolent guidance of a Father’s teachings. 

In a personal reading, this card is often a person’s actual father or the influence of a father-like figure/mentor who teaches the “child” the skills they need in order to survive in the material and spiritual world. Or, in some cases provides a poor or corrupted example, making it difficult for the individual to handle masculine energies later in life.

So, on a world reading, this card could also single the emergence of a Father-like figure (or energy) that is trying to direct the world in the way he/they believe it should go.  Trying to steer yesterday’s ship, if you will, and since yesterday’s card showed us that things are moving; I think this card gives of a sense of the direction it is trying to move.

My reading of this is (though I wish it were not) that the folks trying to direct things from behind the scenes, come from the old-line and male dominated club of “them” – “they who thinks they control and rule the world.”

They do have skills to teach and a direction they are trying to point us to go in, but I feel it is for “their” own ends, and goals.

On the flip side, this card also suggests that there are other influences countering this move; that of the loving father, the wise-teacher that leads to a self-realized adult.  Notice the Father on the card is teaching his son to hunt and provide for himself and his family. 

I think this aspect of the card shows the current trend of many more people waking up and realizing they have to “take charge” (like a Father would) and Prepare to do their own “hunting” (both literally and symbolically) storage and preparations. 

On an individual level, this can be some of the best uses of today’s energies; a good day to take stock of what you have and hold; and plan how you can expand and how to keep it. 

Even if those steering the big ship may be steering things in uncharted and rather scary directions, you can start paying attention to your own little life-boat and what goes into it.  This is just a good idea in times like these, every person and family will be different in their needs and even abilities to purchase or obtain material goods ahead, but spiritual preparations are open to all; regardless of income, race or place on the planet. 

Also, for individuals, this is a good day to remember things about your own father, or the father-like figures in your life.  Remember the good directions they gave you and process through the more unfortunate ones.  All fathers on Earth are human, both those who provide our genes and those who help mold our thoughts.  Today is a good day to reflect on the lessons they tried to pass on to us, even if they didn’t always life up to them as no one is perfect. 

If you have a father-figure/mentor in your life, this is a good day to spend time with them, doing something you both appreciate and enjoy. 

Finally a wonderful day to contact your inner “Father-Parent” when seeking your own guidance, especially on issues most of us in the West consider masculine activities.  These include the more outward focused activities and public life (in this deck the feminine realms are more intuition and the inner-life).  Not that the inner-life is not important today, just that the main energy of the day lends more to an outward-active-public focus.

That’s the card of the day!

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