Card of the Day – Tuesday-Sept 7, 2011

Today’s card is The Voyage and indicates that the energies are finally breaking out and starting to move, probably in new and interesting directions.  The Voyage can be an actual physical journey, but in a world-wide energy reading, I think it means that the forces, powers and influences are breaking free of their trapped positions of the previous weeks and starting to move forward.

This card would also fit with the past weekend’s Wheels of Change/Karma/Fate/Repeating historical patterns, because that card usually indicates a changing and turning wheel.  Other energies have been fighting to try to hold it back, but like a snow ball rolling down a hill, it may start out slowly but once in motion is simply going to keep gathering speed until it runs into something big enough to stop it.  My gut tells me that what is in motion now, may be delayed, but is unlikely to be really stopped by anything; at least not for several years. 

In most aspects this is a good card, it shows motion, movement and moving forward, but I have to caution that not all things set in motion are easy to control once they get going.  There is also the fact that not all trips and voyages are easy, in fact even those with ultimate happy endings can have many twists and turns, even nasty surprises.

My basic reading of this card is:

“watch now, the Wheel has turned and the Voyage to the New World has now started, we know our starting place but the ending may be anticipated by some, but is truly unknown at this time.” 

In effect this card continues yesterday’s feeling of events moving on at full speed ahead and not all of them obvious or what they appear to be.  Elements of information are leaking out and some are useful and others are a distraction, but at least things are moving and I suspect will continue to do so for the coming Fall Season/Spring Season (the in-between times for North and South).

On an individual level the energy today can be wonderful!  Movement, moving on to new adventures and taking on the world are among the feelings floating around in the air right now.  This is a great day to start a new project and break out of the trapped feelings that were hindering people earlier in the week. 

It should be easier to see through the deceptions of yesterday and strike forward on a clear and open path way.  A good day for taking trips both physical and mental, a good day for path-working and meditation/shamanic journeys as well.

As all cards, this does have a down side, some discussed above; remember that not all voyages lead to places you really want to visit, and that even those that do may have some roadblocks and winding bits that have to be negotiated.

Finally, if you’re getting married today, the energy is a wonderful symbol to take into the adventure of your new lives as a couple!

As always, observe the macro-world but remember you control your personal world, this is a great card for doing this very thing!

That is the card of the day for today,

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