Card of the Day-Tuesday-September 6, 2011

Today’s Card is The Liar, and is logically, if unfortunate, follow-up to yesterday’s Prison Card.  I really, really, really shuffled the cards today, asking for the most important energy card and hoping for a happier card but that was simply not to be.  It seems that world-wide not only are people feeling trapped (or may actually be trapped) by something that is deceptive and is either lying to them or is being lied about.

I do feel that both yesterday’s Prison and today’s Big Lie are connected; I’m just not sure in exactly what way.  But the Liar has come up before fairly recently, and I suspect that part if it is an attempt by the main stream voices to drown out and distract the public from what the real issues are. 

About a week ago, we had The Puzzle card showing an important decision that had to be faced and decided.  At that time, I felt that major choices were being made, behind public view and that those decisions were likely to impact later in this year and early next year.  What they exactly are, I am not sure, but I am pretty certain that they will not be presented in their actual form.  To me, the Liar Cards and Prison cards are simply confirming that.

Those historical Wheels of Change over the weekend, would continue to signal that the world is moving into a repeating historical/karmic pattern and from the looks of these next cards, I don’t see that the over-all pattern is very comforting, at least not in the short-term.

So, today look for distractions in the media, major announcements that sound “fishy,” projects that sound to good to be true (because they aren’t good at all), and devious dancing around the truth in many areas.

Given the cards, I would also investigate very carefully any personal or business contract that came my way, any super-market deals and avoid buying a used car today if I could help it.

On a personal level, of course this card does not mean that everyone in your life if trying to deceive you or lie to you in some way; but what is does mean is such energy is sort of in the water.  Waiting to make the hapless “prisoners” by manipulating their good intentions until it is too late to back out.

As you can see from the card, the JESTER wears a smiling mask to entice the innocent, but behind it he is smirking at having achieved his intended goal of miss-direction.

While not a totally evil figure, sometimes a little distraction or suspension of belief is good for us.  But what is fine for a two-hour distraction at the movies, can be dangerous or even deadly if allowed to continue in real life.

Beware the Jester and his false smiles and tricks today, where-ever you find him.

As others have suggested, use your personal thoughts, prayers and meditations to distract him instead.  Focus on what is good and loving in your life, that which you already hold and are holding.  Be watchful for messages today, but do not accept them at face value; use wisdom to separate that which is true from that which is illusion and you should do well.

Not great over-all energies I’m afraid, but during times like these it is also possible to transform the energies in your own personal existence.  Simply be aware of them and remember that individuals always have more going on than just one over-arching energy card.

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