Card of the Day – Monday Sept 5, 2011

Today’s Card is The Prison and I while I was really hoping for some energy changes today, this was not one I was hopping to see.  While this is a new energy that we haven’t seen recently, and it is in some ways a counter-balance for the Wheel of Change, we had over the weekend; it is generally not a really good card.

It implies that world-wide, people are feeling trapped and or that the historical patterns indicated by the Wheel cards are ones we are trapped in, rather than new ones we are creating.  Or, even if they are new, that they are likely to entrap part of the world, rather than help folks move forward and in a positive direction.

One of the nasty side-effects of this cards can be a desire for revenge and hatred of those believed responsible for the trap.  I sense that as a danger with this energy as well – once again a “good” (or time period) for riots, reactions, anger and the planning of wars.

On a personal level, the Prison card can have some good uses because you can’t get out through those wide bars (that if you look closer the person could walk out of in the picture) if you don’t know your trapped in the first place.

Recognizing we are stuck in old patterns, if the first step towards breaking out and making new ones.  If the figure on the card would just turn around, they would see the sun-shine coming through the bars of the cell and then might see well enough to realize they can walk out on their own.

In some ways, this card is the extreme version of The Cave, only while the retreat to the cave is self-directed, the Prison card often indicates traps that were imposed upon us (or at least that we believe are imposed upon us).

Today is a good day to look at those traps and pitfalls in our lives and work at standing up and moving away from them.  Self-imposed Caves are fine, but not when they turn into traps and jails; the same thing is true of various habits we often use to cope, especially in rough times.  In other words, a glass of wine is fine, but everyone knows the results of long-term drunkenness.

So, take care today, enjoy the Holiday if you’re celebrating but beware of getting “caught out” in some way; and be really careful not to be too harsh when blaming others for your own situations.  That’s going to be a real temptation today, on both a world-wide and on a personal basis.

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