The Card of the Day, Saturday Sept 3, 2011

Today’s card is exactly the same as yesterday’s qualifier card, I did shuffle the cards really well, but I sort of expected something like this.

You can read more about the energy I think is moving this weekend (and really for the next couple of months here – with yesterday’s world reading.  But to sum up, great changes in the energy are taking place and old historical patterns (both good and bad) are in the process of repeating.

While Change never stops, some periods of time seem to have higher doses of it than others, the same is true of powerful historical trends and patterns.

This is a very “cosmic” time, if changes seem to be coming to fast for you, remember it isn’t just you, but a very powerful force that has been set into motion.

This card is also the wheel of Karma, things coming into being based on previous actions (good and bad) in other words: action and re-action.

This is a time period to be very watchful and aware, especially of world events; because upheavals are coming, or at least they are “in the cards”…

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