The Card of the Day, Friday Sept 2,2011

Two cards again today, because the first card YES, is usually in answer to a question and when I pulled the second card is was The Wheel.  The Wheel is the card of changing, the turning of the seasons (including cosmic ones) and the swinging around of old patterns.  In this deck I often read it both as the traditional “Wheel of Fortune” and the “Wheel of Karma or Fate.”

My gut tells me that what these cards are saying is that “Yes, changes are coming and the time in NOW.”  Of course, in a general sense things are always changing, but sometime Change is a more obvious theme than others. 

To me this card says that in the war of energies that has been going on, it is very possible that the Wheels of Changes are suddenly starting to pick up speed and move forward at a much faster pace.

No matter how many Caves, individuals, nations and powerful figures may wish to run and hide in, YES they are going to happen anyway.

Once again, the “you can run but you can’t hide” message we got this week, only with an extra “get ready for launching the rocket now.” 

I feel this is another one of the “cosmic” readings that shows that Summer/Winter energies of the main Seasons is breaking into a highly active Fall/Spring (in the North a traditional time for all sorts of events from Stock Market Crashes to Hurricanes). 

While I don’t think the Changes are all bad by any means, they feel sharp and more immediate than they have been in the past few months, I get the image of a lot of change earlier in the year (including the Earthquake/Meltdown in Japan and the tornado in Joplin, massive flooding in many places etc).  These things never really totally stopped, but they did push back a bit, but they feel like something is about to rush back in and start the train moving swiftly again.

My inner-radar thinks both earth/natural related stuff, along with economic problems that will be highlighted somewhat this weekend.  Though I think these cards are a building energy pattern and even if tomorrow’s cards are different (or even reversed) their energy pattern is very, very strong and will probably continue for at least the next two to three months.

On a positive note, today is a great day for individuals to make their own changes and give themselves permission to do things that they have been wishing to do, but felt for reason the time was not yet right.  Look inside for guidance, but if you feel the pull of “go for it,” you can probably trust it today. 

Even on a macro-level, good things can begin if enough people put the right energy into events powering that Wheel into a useful and productive future.  A good day for working on new forms of energy, transport and even space fight; just beware of old patterns coming back to the surface. 

Some old patterns are good and need to be revisited and history often rhymes and repeats; collectively the world needs to work on repeating the good patterns or I think some of the old ones are peeking out of the water at the bottom of the mill-wheel and getting ready to surface very soon now.

Hopefully, we will all make the individual choices that allow the collective choices to be the right ones.

That’s the Cards of the Day for Friday, Sept 2, 2011 – sorry this was posted late for those on the European side of the water but real life sort of got in the way today.  I’ll try to post at least once on the weekend, to see how things are going.

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