Card of the Day Thurs Sept 1, 2011

Well, yesterday’s Card Liberation (which I couldn’t post here due to Word Press Issues) is once again followed by The Cave.  So, yesterday’s break out of events and information has the expected energy result of a desire to hide again, at least on a world-wide energy level.  Again, we see the extreme patterns of shifting energy of things wanting to burst forth and at the same time remain hidden.  I’m starting to wonder if some of the cave/retreat energy is partly a mass reaction of the public to mass of information over load? 

I know I myself have started to feel this way sometimes, and it is probably worse for people who get most of their news from the main stream media, with its 24/7 hyping of every small story that comes down the line and sometimes intentional scattering of truly major ones.

In any case, I’d have to count, but this is the third or fourth time we’ve gotten the Cave card (hiding, depression, going underground etc) in a couple of weeks either as the main card, or the qualifying card in the two card readings. 

This means it is a MAJOR and important influence on the world at this time and is not to be underestimated or ignored.

On a personal level, once again people can use today’s energy to care for themselves, take an organized with-drawl into personal and family affairs and keep themselves “low to the ground” so to speak, when it comes to dealing with the outside world. 

This is not the best day to ask for a job promotion, but it might be a very good day to work on personal job skills or a resume.  A good day to cook you favorite comfort food or watch a good movie, probably at home with the kids.

However, with this card coming up so very often in the last few weeks; it may be time for individuals to risk stepping beyond its effect a bit, at least by making a personal choice NOT to give in to the downside (mental with-drawl and depression) of this card.  By taking care of one’s self and forcing the occasional, well thought outreach (like a quiet evening with close friends as opposed to staying in alone) it may be possible to balance this energy a bit, at least for individuals and families.

It is obvious the world outside is in crises mode and that makes it very scary, so all the more reason for deliberately making your inner world (both physical and spiritual) more secure and inviting.

That’s the Card for Today,

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