Card of the Day – Tuesday, Aug 30,2011

Todays card(s) have swung back around to Never, qualified by The Cave; and pretty much show that the energies continue to make war over our heads and many people simply would like things to Stop, or at least let them go away and hide.

Since the Never card, is usually both the answer to a question and/or a messenger (the Raven) I decided to pick  a qualifying card and got (our old friend) The Cave. 

This could be read in several ways, and the one that comes first to mind is, “you can run, but you can’t hide” or variations on that theme.  Pretty much that while taking time to care for ones-self (or one’s on nation) is a good idea, you can never really hide out and manage to escape what is going on around you.

Like yesterday’s Moon Card, if things are going to come out of the Sea and go after you, they will do so anyway.  Also, not everything that comes at you is bad, though it can look that way when it is all coming in at a rush.

I also think the “Never Card” really is trying to get across the message that some things are simply to late to stop or change; and trying to ignore this reality isn’t going to improve things any.  On the other hand, a well-thought out with-drawl plan may not be a bad idea either, simply remember that just hiding on its own will not be enough. 

I think this may be especially true in terms of “never-ending” the “Cave/Depression” – at least not in the way that currently planned by those trying to “fix” the problem (obviously no situation last literally forever, at least not where world energies or events are concerned). 

As an energy day, another day for attempts at trying to hide the facts of certain situations are almost certainly on the cards (for fun watch the main stream media and play the “what story are they trying to obscure today” game).  Also a lot of stuff probably still going on behind the scenes, though the cards indicate that whatever decisions the Powers that be may have made already (or are currently making) may “never” actually work, or at least not work out as planned. 

From an individual stand point, a good day to take care of yourself and while not being anti-social, a better day for personal activities than for group ones.  Once again a very good day to make final decisions or work on putting to rest something that was “never” working in the first place, be it an old relationship or replacing the leaking washing machine. 

Try to use the “Cave” energy in a positive way, continuing to shore up your personal cave with good books, positive introspection and playing with children or pets.  Beware the Depression aspects of this card and be kind to others who are suffering from it, this is going to be a day when the energies around you may leave you feeling “down.” 

Remember, it isn’t just you; it is the general mood of the day, which doesn’t mean you have to give in and have a good sulk unless you want to, but does mean for-warned is for-armed, so try to have things you enjoy at hand and use them.

They can be very simple things like a kitten’s purr or a favorite cheese doodle snack, but take time for them and remember you can’t control the energy of the day, but you can control how you personally respond to it.

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