Card of the Day Monday Aug 29, 2011

Today’s card is once again, The Moon, and since there are forty cards in this deck and I do shuffle very well; this likely means that some of the same energies in play last week, will continue on into this week.

Once again, the Moon Card is both the card for female intuition and dreams coming forth into being.  It is also the card of things welling up from the sea to become manifest on the land.  I think that in a physical sense this card is picking up on the hurricane(s) and tropical storms that are active in the Atlantic right now, as well as the psychic welling up of secrets from the depths, that are now coming to light.

This card is a good follow-up for The Beauty card, because both cards are dealing with especially the reception (aka female) energies, the one manifesting in the physical world (The Beauty) and the other in word of dreams and imagination (the Moon). 

So, the potential is there today for good; or at least the continuing revelations of secrets that need to become known.  It is also a day to expect the unexpected, and I also have a gut feeling that the current New Moon may be literally pulling tides (of both earth and oceans) in interesting ways.  Earthquakes are more likely this week, though hopefully they will be small or at least away from highly inhabited areas. 

Also, because the theme of the Moon has shown up twice in just a few days, I’ll be looking out for articles and events with a lunar/moon theme to them.  Possibly even something as obvious as a new discovery about something concerning the moon itself, or it’s effects on our planet.

Finally, from a world-view standpoint, the Moon’s darker side can be that of madness and a disconnection from reality.  Such “Madness” can manifest both as obvious insanity or simply a refusal to accept that things are as the actually are and I think this will also be something to watch as this week unfolds.  In other words it could be a rather “crazy week” all around.

For individuals, this is a great day if you’re a creative artist, you can continue to build on yesterday’s energies to bring forth that which is inside you into the light of day.  Even those whose inclinations are less creative, may find themselves a bit “moon struck” today and led to enjoy creative activities like music, art, crafts or even seeing a good (well crafted) movie.

A fantastic day for medications, though be careful to do a little extra shielding and magical protections as today the universe is “wide open” and “stuff” may come at you from all directions and you want it to be “good” stuff.

As a side note, this is also a day when over-sensitivity can be an issue; so try to be kind to yourself an others.  If it all gets too much, understand that the urge to have a good cry is totally in sync with the energies of today.  As is happy laughter when something really is funny or a deep desire to suddenly take on a project you’ve been “dreaming” about for a while.

All in all, could be a very good day for individuals and for the world; we’ll just have to wait and see.  There is at least the potential for greater understanding as more is revealed, how folks ultimately use that understanding remains to be seen.

That’s the Card of the Day for Today,

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