Card of the Day – Sunday Aug 28, 2011

Today’s Card is The Beauty and is one of the more positive cards in this deck.  It shows the energy is working on coming out of “The Cave” of yesterday and is willing to peer into the reflective window from a more public place.  Instead of just hiding away, people may feel more motivate to get out and explore their situation and take a “peak” at what is going on around them.

This card also represents love, self-awareness and even vanity or pride; so while mostly a good card, it can also tell us the directions that some of the current problems may be coming from.

We all need to love ourselves and be aware beings in order to fulfill our true live goals, but too much of a good thing can lead to blindness and a self-centered world view.  It is well to remember that this card signifies that all people are beautiful (or have the potential to be beautiful) and not ignore this potential in other beings.

For a world-wide energy, I say once again the wild balance swings are happening (in less that 24 hours this time) with the desire to hide vs. interact see-sawing back and forth like a child’s playground game.  However, both cards show introspection as an important part of their symbols and I think that this weekend is a time when both the populace in general and the Powers That Be, may be taking time to reflect on their situation.

They are probably pondering that “Puzzle Card” that showed up earlier in the week, trying to come to a final decision on the parts of it that they can not ignore any longer.

Over-all this is a good card and great for individuals especially in terms of love, romance, self-awareness and inner-strength.

A good day to get out and take some fresh air, especially a walk with a life-partner or child.  A good day to focus on the good things happening in your life and the potential for more of them.  While today’s energy is still more “solo” than “company” oriented, today is a much better day to gather with friends and family than yesterday was.  Just be careful of communications getting lost or bogged down, if folks are not outwardly focused yet to really hear them.

That is today’s Card of the Day!

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