Card of the Day – Saturday Aug 27, 2011

Today’s card is once again, The Cave, showing us the continuing rocking back and forth of rather extreme energies of this time period.  However, this card is not totally negative (few cards are) and I think this one has some of the more positive aspects today.  One of the features of this card, is the idea of “going within” or “taking cover” and that’s what I feel like millions of people are being affected to do today. 

Some people quite literally are “taking cover” or “hiding” from storms or battle zones, others may take some of their Saturday time to withdraw from the craziness of the modern world and just spend some alone time.  Either totally alone or just with family and close friends, though the day’s energy is more of a solo pursuit.

It is also common that during epic times and periods of strong cross-energy-currents, people will simply feel that need to “get out-of-the-way” as I talked about the last couple of days.

Today’s card indicates this is a good day for doing just that, when possible simply get out-of-the-way and when it is not, listen to your own inner promptings and gut feelings.

Try not to give into despair, because depression is the other side of this card.  It is very easy to go from with-drawing to refusing to come out of the self-imposed cave.

On another level, this card can also signal that the “Depression” isn’t over by a long-shot and that the monetary problems continue on behind the scene. 

But I think over-all this card is just picking up on a natural reaction to the wilder energies of yesterday (and the day before), with a need for backing away and taking cover from the storms (literal storms and the less obvious ones).

For individuals, a good day to turn off the TV and settle down with nice book and cup of tea.  Or, take care of business close to home or even doing needed housework. Don’t forget to listen some music you like or do other things that comfort your inner-child who needs it right now.  Be kind to family members because the energy today tends to turn people inward and that can make some folks cranky and unpleasant; especially when forced to deal with others. 

Personally, I’m planning a day canning salsa, knitting a hat and finishing a novel.  Of course, I’m also ready to change plans if the situation requires it, something high-energy times often call for.

Everyone else, please take care of YOURSELF  and enjoy a safe, comfortable and inward-focused weekend.

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