Card of the Day – Friday Aug 26, 2011

Today’s Card is The Wheel, another very “cosmic” card in this deck, this is the card of cycles, of death and rebirth, of the moving of the ages, of the past meeting the future.  It marks today (and possibly the weekend) as a continued time of very “heavy” energies, loaded and waiting to turn the growing tipping point towards the next rung of the current cycle.

Yesterday’s Card, The Moon, is deep things coming out of the ocean and/or Something coming out of the Sea and controlled by the Moon.  I didn’t realize yesterday that heavy Lunar Tides may be affecting the Current Atlantic Hurricane, which I now think may have been part of the full message of yesterday’s card.

Combined with Today’s Card, they both show that in addition to hurricanes, this time period is one when old cycles are coming back around and that “fated” things are likely to happen as a result.  Fated not so much because the universe decided to throw the world a curve ball, but fated because the actions of some both past and present are now coming home to land with a thud.

So, look for some dramatic actions either this weekend or very soon; some again will be behind the scenes, but yesterday’s card suggests that some will soon see the light of day.

The Wheel Card also suggest that those under going “Epic Events” should realize this “isn’t them” but is part of a larger picture.

On a mundane and individual level, some of the best things a person can do when swept up in energy like this are either to ride it out (play along as much as possible) or get out-of-the-way (evacuate if you’re in the path of a hurricane or advancing army).

Also, while macro-epic-cycles-of-the-ages may be going on in the macro-world, you can use that energy on a much more personal scale to work with your own and very personal, situation.

It is another good day for artists, writers, poets and those working with intuition of any sort.  But beware, because the forces your picking up on may be like taking a tiger by the tail.  Be sure to “ground” yourself in meditation by working with images of trees, softly flowing water and gentle landscapes.  I feel the energy around us right now is quite wild, which is very useful for some sorts of work, but can also sweep us right off the bridge if we are not careful to hold on to the sides of the swinging bridge.

As we move towards Fall (in the North) I expect these cyclic energies will continue to swing back and forth from stability (or even dead stop) to wild abandon and emotions.

That’s going to affect everyone in the world to one degree or another, for today, enjoy the “wild” part by feeling the wind on your face or chasing a string with you kitty.  But realize that things are moving and may move very quickly, be ready to pick up and move on a dime if you have to.

Because things are changing, and the change may happen very fast.

That’s today’s Card of the Day, you can get your cards of today or any day by getting a reading.

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