Card of the Day Thursday Aug 25, 2011

Today’s card is the Moon, and I think again this shows some of the wild energy swings we are seeing as the energies around the Planet try to come to some sort of balance.  Yesterday’s Puzzles and Caves, now morph into today’s dreams, visions and even nightmares. 

In this deck, The Moon is female intuition, dreams made manifest (the crab rising out the sea), inspiration, but also madness and things coming out of the sea (unconscious mind).

Most of time, the positive aspects of this card outweigh the negative, with dreams coming into being or awakening being the most common interpretation in a reading.  I am sure that some of this will prove true today, especially for those able to harness this energy and put it to useful, good and helpful ends. 

But, given the cards of the last couple of weeks, I can’t say for certain that is all it indicates, at least on a world-wide scale; this card could be the symbol for things coming into being, rising from the deep that many will wish had stayed there. 

Dreams can be haunting and strange things, and today that is how I am reading this card.  Things that previously could not be imagined feel like they are coming into play, ancient forces, long hidden are starting to manifest and not all are friendly to mankind. 

On the other hand, where there are dreams there is also hope; hope for that Tree we saw a few days ago to come and put down roots. 

I think today with be a combination of both hope and concerns, that is true of most days, but today is a special day of intuition and inner feeling.  What your gut is telling you is probably true and should be at least examined carefully before rejected (or accepted at face value).

On a personal level, this is a good day to trust that inner-self, for dream work (starting a dream journal for example) and continuing to make manifest those things we are feeling called to do.

It is a day when “reaching for the Moon” is not only appropriate, it is down right encouraged!  Examine your personal dreams, desires and hopes today and look for ways to bring them about.

A wonderful day for a job interview or artistic work of any kind, anything creative actually should be easier today than it has been for a while.

So, an over-all fairly good card but with a world-wide cautionary note that Dreams are always connected to the Dreamer, so be sure of the source of any Dream you wish to sign on to.

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