Card of the Day Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

The Official Card of the Day Today is The Puzzle, which represents a decision that can not be avoided and must be made.  Often one which must be chosen without enough information to make a wise decision, so I picked a second card and got The Cave or what I usually call “The Depression Card” in this deck.

On a World-Wide scale I think these cards are both saying that the world is currently in a crises and decision point, and no matter what decision is made, things are not likely to look very happy for a while.

Yesterday’s Tree Card, did provide some hope that there are some helpful possibilities out there starting to take root, but today’s card shows that the hard work of choosing them has yet to take place.

The Cave card is not a totally bad card (few cards are) and while the person on the card appears to be depressed (and refusing to look a the light at the opening of the cave) they can also simply be hiding and resting. 

Sometimes it is important for people to “go-underground” either physically or mentally.  Last night I had a dream I was being hunted and woke up with the feeling that perhaps it was time to be “quiet” in some ways, and this card may be reflecting that on a world-wide scale. 

But over-all, I think this card may really be “The Depression” card both in terms of the emotions many people will be feeling as the results of the decisions being made right now and/or a real “Great Depression” could also be a logical result of some of the more obvious actions that could be taken place.

Again, along with our themes of the last few weeks, The Puzzle card also indicated HIDDEN decisions, those that are not always up front and in public view, in the same way that Cave card often indicates HIDDEN and PERSONAL suffering. 

While these cards are not wonderful, they are not hopeless either, because yesterdays card did show there are choices.  It is just that in the short-term, there may no longer be any choices that result in immediate satisfaction that would lift the general mood, which is likely to be somewhat depressed and shaken for some time to come.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow’s cards bring…

On the other hand, again for individuals, just be aware this is a day when decisions have to be made.  For a lot of people this may simply be realizing they really do have to call a plumber because they need a kitchen sink or that the car really does have to be replaced because this morning it finally stopped running.  These sorts of things can depress us for the moment, especially if we are short of funds or are tempers are already short because it is nearly the end of a long month; but they are not the end of the world either.

Those facing more important life decisions, like marriage, divorce, leaving home for college etc; can take comfort in that this is a good day to make those final choices.  Even if the results are not always met with great joy, they may still be needed and required decisions for growth and maturity.  Part of the Tree rooting process the cards indicated yesterday.

Again, unless a seed is disrupted, buried in the ground, had water gushed over it and then sometimes even stomped on (or worse been processed through the guts of a small animal before being deposited), it can’t take root and grow into a mighty tree.

So, think of days like today as decisions needed on the path towards growing into your tree.   And try to make at least one happy decision today: let’s see pie or cake? hmm….decisions…? lol

Those are the cards for today, remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a reading!

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