Card of the Day Tuesday August 23, 2011

Today’s Card is the Tree, and to be honest it is somewhat of a relief to see such a hopeful energy card, in the midst of the previous gloomy ones.  While all the cards have both good and bad aspects, this is one of those cards that tends to over-all be more positive than negative.

The Tree, is the strong one who puts down roots below the earth and leaves that reach towards the sky.  In a world-wide energy reading, it could mean that some of the solutions to the current crises are already putting down their roots into the human realm.  Also, that there are energies of safety and strength coming into being; probably as another balancing response to all the chaos, death and destruction we’ve seen in many recent cards.

Like Death, the Tree is stationary, but unlike Death, THE TREE IS ALIVE!  So, it is that unmovable force of life that insists on growing anywhere it can possibly take hold.  You find mighty trees growing right into the shores of lakes and tiny dwarfs clinging to rocks a the snow line, but where ever a tree can make it at all, you can be sure you are likely to find some sort of tree.

The down side of this card, is of course that bad ideas and organizations can also “take root” under its influence, and it can take a while before its trunk is noticed to be diseased and its leaves distorted and brittle. 

However, the feeling that I’m getting about today, is that for the most part, the over-all energy of the day is there to be grabbed by the forces of light if they can remember to view both “The Forest” and “The Tree.”  Be watchful, make sure to have a firmly rooted foundation, but don’t forget to reach for the sunshine either.

So, on a world-wide level, a hopeful and positive sign with a caution for those who would mis-use this energy to try to “plant” their own ends (which they will).  We can hope that the stronger and life-giving energy of the tree win out in the end, and perhaps even lead to more positive (or at least balancing) energies, later in the week.

On a personal level, this is a fantastic card – it means a great day for putting down roots, keeping ties with your family, making your future plans or settling into your home.  Today’s housecleaning is not so much to destroy dirt, as to root yourself to the place you live and look forward to continued growth while being in that space.

The Tree is also a very good card for personal meditation, the image of The Tree is already a common theme for those meditation on grounding into the earth.  Feel yourself as the tree, steady, strong, long-lived and wise and it can help counter some of the recent negative energies we’ve all had to cope with.

This is also a fantastic day if you’re looking for a new place to live (renters especially may find this card useful, concentrate on “putting down roots” in a new place), working in the garden or doing anything with nature.

Take care everyone and have a really good day, it think the energies are trying to give us a break (or at least a balance) and it will be going with the flow.  Not a day for really strong emotional decisions either, but for those requiring wisdom and thought, a very good day.

That’s the Card of the Day for today

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