Card of the Day – Monday Aug 22, 2011

Today’s Card is NO, with the qualifier card of The Liar, I’m having a lot of trouble with my formatting program this morning so please excuse the odd placement of the cards at the top of this article but I felt it was important to try to post today anyway.

[Corrected most of the problems around 6pm UCT when word press allowed me too]

For Today’s main card, the NO card by itself, would tend to indicate a “no” answer to a question, but since my only question was “what is the world’s strongest energy today,” I though that picking up another card to see what direction the no was coming from was a good idea.

The Liar card tells us that something we are seeing is false or not as it seems. It can even mean that someone is directly lying to us, though more often the deception is less obvious than that. Something that appears to be good is really bad or something can appear to be bad that is actually good.

Combined together these cards can be viewed one of two ways either the obvious “No, Liars” which would indicate an exposure of lies and deceit or “Energies are blocked, negative, no because there are Lies, Liars etc” or even “there’s a Big Lie,”

Cards are seldom only read on one level and my sense is that world-wide both are going on here. There may continue to be revelations about that dark scandal/hidden secrets the cards were picking up on last week (that would be the “no lies”) as well as a warning to beware of a negative atmosphere where all is not as it appears to be. Worse there could even be lies and falsehoods behind the “reality” being presented.

Given the nature of the last few readings, my guess is it is even possible that a “cover” story is being used to either obscure or even deflect, information about the cover-up that is coming to light. The cover-up may be partly in the financial world, but it feels like more than just that to me. This is something really big and has been coming out in drips and drops for the last couple of weeks and isn’t going to stop any time soon.

It almost feels like the cards are are saying “the current big news of today isn’t the real news of today” but that could just be me.

Meanwhile, away from portents of possible doom; this could simply be a warning to be careful. Especially on a personal level, be very wary of any new contracts or “deals” that appear to be too good to be true, because they probably are.

The day is not “fated” to be a bad one, but individuals do well to realize this is a day to stop things already in motion rather than start new projects again. Beware of false information or blind allies, especially at work or when purchasing anything.

Also, be careful to try and be as truthful as possible with friends and loved ones because the very energies around you will be encouraging just the opposite.

I’m starting to see a pattern over the last couple of weeks of energies trying to balance. Especially the energies of “move-forward/new projects vs. Stay-still/stop what your doing” the cards keep swinging back and forth between the two extremes on different days, which indicates that powerful forces are pulling and pushing on each other.

People, projects and even nations are all getting swept up in the tide. Understand the tide and you can flat with it or know when you must swim against it to survive. Ignore it and risk being swept under, which I fear the world is in danger of doing if attention isn’t paid to this underlying “Liar” very soon.

Well, that’s the Card of the Day, on any given day your personal cards are likely to be more complex, interesting and perhaps not even stuck in the same pattern as the main energy affecting the planet.

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