The Card of the Day – Sunday Aug 21, 2011

Today’s card is The Warrior, which is the knight ready for battle but actually standing in a defensive position with his sword down.  He’s ready to pick it up and use it, but he’d rather just be guarding the camp in case of danger.  He is handsome, and not to be underestimated in his appeal.  

As a world-wide energy reading, this card signals us to be “on-guard” for various threats and also be aware that Warfare may make headlines in the news.  The “Warfare” may be in its more obvious form of actual violence or its more contained form of “diplomacy, treaty or contract,” but in either case it results from both conflict and hostility. 

The good aspects of this card are the Warrior as protector of the weak and innocent, the Great Guardian, the Watchman on the Wall.  All of which may come into play today as well, but folks should be careful because one nation’s Protector may be seen as another nations target.

I’m also getting the sense that some of today’s “warfare” is likely to be on some of those other levels, more behind the scenes (or just barely on the radar) stuff concerning large banks, governments and corporations; it almost feels like some sort of hostile take over may be in the offing?

But, to sum up for the world this is a day to both proclaim and beware The Warrior, as his attractions and attributes today feel very strong.  It is a “good” day for wars and a heating up of international problem spots, those aware can try to combat this energy with a concentration on the Warrior’s role as protector and defender. 

However, though out history, the Way of the Warrior has been forever attractive to mankind, his shinning qualities often act as a attractor and like a moth to the flame draw Peoples and nations toward his light.  Only to find out to late that he can move quickly from defense of the tribe to the destroyer of the opposition, with everyone else often caught up between them.

But, moving from such heavy world-wide stuff to individual energies again, this card is fantastic for a day when you want to get things done!  Use that warrior spirit to “destroy” the mess in your garage or combat your “enemy” in a friendly game of Sunday basketball. 

It is a good day for those practicing and studying martial arts of all forms and those with military careers or interests.  Practicing all forms of stylized combat (including board games like Risk) can be rewarding today, although be careful when getting into family arguments as they could get heated or even destructive.

This is also a good day for relationships, in this deck the Warrior Card is almost always the Man’s card (occasionally a strong women’s) and signals good “strong” energy for Romance.  This is the sort of day when the average husband has the chance to feel in his heart that he is Lancelot, ready to steal off with his beloved Queen into the night (or at least a room away from the kids).  Young couples can go an adventures together and children can run free and wild (on the back yard trampoline). 

What can be a problem for the world, can be a boon for a Sunday at home with the family.  Just be careful of stirring up strife, and if “Uncle Bob the Old Coot” is coming to Supper, be sure to disarm him with his favorite dishes,  before he can get started on Politics at the dinner table. 

This is a day when conflicts can get out of hand, knowing that pushing them in acceptable directions like sports and board games can make for a much happier end to the family weekend.

That is the Card of the Day for Today!

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