Card of the Day – Saturday Aug 20, 2011

Today’s Card of the Day is MONEY – and I’ve been expecting this card to come up for a while.  The Money card has a double meaning in this deck, first there is the plowman earning his wages, while underneath the very ground he walks on is buried treasure. 

This card symbolizes money both as earned cash and as hidden wealth.  In most readings, the Money card, also means pretty much what is says, that is the card is about physical cash or material wealth, rather than some great spiritual insight.

While money may be directed towards a perceived spiritual purpose, the designs and uses of most money have their foundation in the material world of goods and the physical needs of people.

To have this Card show up as the over-all energy for the World, tells me that Money is a major issue on all sorts of levels today.  Reading the headlines, it is pretty obvious that Money has been a major world issue for some time.  But this card suggests that TODAY is the day that decisions, worries and concerns may all start coming to head in some fashion. 

Because some of the Money is “hidden,” it may or may not be obvious to those looking on that anything has changed, but I expect some sort of major decisions about the immediate economic future will be made or attempted this weekend.  I sense the results of that decision may take a while to be noticed or announced, but they may prove to be rather dramatic when they do. 

I also think this card signals that Money (or Currencies) may be the key issue putting pressure on people and nations world-wide at the moment.  A sense of issues ignore far to long and suddenly about to surface, the same way the coins are about to leap out of the ground on the Card, if the plow hits them just right. 

I would not even be surprised to see the results of some major investigation involving a bank, company, monetary system or even Nation-State(s) that turns up some sort of scandal or surprise with Money as its core issue; either today or going into next week. 

So, this card has me wary and watchful because it is the first time since starting these readings we have just the Money Card as the World-Wide energy of the day, which means a lot of focus will be on cash, currencies and the world financial system – stay tuned for next week on this one because I think I see a trend here.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, like most cards this has a good aspect – Money is needed by most people to help them support themselves and their families.  The majority are the plow man and earn their bread by working and a few are lucky enough to gain hidden treasures from the earth (or the family). 

However it is obtained, it is important for peace and wellbeing to have enough to maintain at least a moderate life style, with food on the table an a roof over one’s head. 

While I think this card indicates that people world-wide are very worried about money (or having enough of it) even on this personal level, the Day’s Energy can also be used to work on things which help attract and ensure enough money for these purposes. 

This is a great day for looking at way for house-hold penny-pinching, not in a “mean” way but in a sensible one.  A good day for clipping coupons from the newspaper or going shopping at the Saturday sales.  Unlike last weekend, this is a good weekend for garage sale finds and Charity Shop explorations. 

Being towards the end of the Month, it is also a good day to review the household budget to make sure you can make ends meet before the month ends and if caught short look for creative ways to do something about it.

Money is in the air right now, but the force itself is neutral; so concentrating  on money as a source of personal well-being (as opposed to power or greed) is a good personal meditation for the day.

If you work weekends in the service industry, this might be a great day for making extra tips or even earning a promotion.

The one thing to remember is that Money can also be very disruptive force within a house-hold, especially when a there really isn’t enough of it to cover everything and family members disagree on how it should be allocated.  While this might be a good day to sort things out in some fashion, also be aware of the powerful disruptive potential in such discussions. 

If things get too hot to handle, given the lively energies of the last couple of days, it might be best to take a break and do something else for a while; like enjoying the last days of the Season (Summer or Winter) as we move towards the between times of the year. 

Have a really good Saturday and don’t forget to Play – that goes for “children” of any and all ages…

That’s the Card of the Day for Today, remember you can get your Cards of Today or any day by getting a reading,

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