The Card of the Day – Friday Aug 19, 2011

Today’s card, the Libido, shows that the energies continue to move towards balance, this card is almost the opposite of the previous Death card in that while the grave is silent and cold; the Libido is lively and warm.  One indicates the end of life while the other symbolizes the energy that brings life into being.

It goes well with yesterdays Fool Card because it indicated starting over totally (re-birth) if you will and The Libido is the drive that results in both births and the continuations (or continued re-starting) of all life on the planet.

However, just like the Fool can be either Holy or Wise; the Libido card can celebrate the  amazing creative forces that generate life, or it can reveal the immensely destructive powers of unbridled lust and a bending of those same creative forces. 

Just like the fool can either begin and exciting new life journey or he can blind himself and walk off the cliff, The Libido can be a cause for great joy in the cosmos or the unbridled passion that burns bridges and destroys lives.

So, while there are some very good sides to this card, given the previous prevailing energies I am not inclined to read this as a total positive, at least not on a world-wide scale.  Yes, the energy is “balancing” but “balance” and “positive” are not always the same thing.  You can balance stillness with action or action with stillness; neither of those things is a positive or negative in and of themselves.

I have a sense that world-wide, this is the Dark and Secret energies of the last few days being  disturbed and moving towards the more explosive and expressive energies of the life force.  There could even be an “orgy” of rioting or violence somewhere, though I hope not – but that is the sort of powerful desires that may be springing up around the world. 

On the positive side, this energy can be used by those who wish to fight “Death and Destruction” with a re-validation of life and that which they hold dear. 

But I do that this is a day to watch for “life forces” more out-of-control than in control.  I would also not be surprised to see headlines about some new form of genetic engineering or the results of genetic tests, anything that concerns life and the possible manipulation of it.

On a personal level, this is a great day to celebrate life; have a picnic, enjoy the sensations of the warm sun on your fingers or play with moving water.  A fantastic day for getting romantic and connecting with your partner, but also a day to realize that passion can get out of control.  So be kind and gentle along with the wildness, enjoy the colors of the day but be careful of the burning fire.  Let it warm you but not consume you…

Also a really good day for putting your “life force” into those projects that continued yesterday.  Probably a good day for “personal flow” for those balanced enough to experience the energy but not be overwhelmed by it.  A great day for physical exercise of all sorts, especially anything that involves the senses as well as the body.  Exercises like hiking by a water fall or swimming in the sea, running in a forest etc..

So, like all days, today’s energy has both good and bas aspects; we can’t choose how folks will use it on a macro-world-level but we can choose how we use it in our own lives.  Today is a day of great Creative potential, it is the energy that’s provides the seeds that bring forth birth.  It is a very powerful and one of the deepest energies any of is likely to ever experience, use it wisely and enjoy the results; use it wrongly and risk being burned.

That’s the Card of the Day for Today, Remember you can get  your very own cards of today or any day but getting Your Own Reading.

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