Card of the Day – Thursday Aug 18, 2011

Yeah! We are finally seeing a possible change of energies or at least a reaction to all those Death (and Destruction) Cards, that keep popping up over the last week or so.

The Fool Card is the ultimate symbol of starting over afresh and going off in a new (but often unknown direction).  So, the good news is that the pattern may be shifting from eminent portents of doom, to the greater spirit of adventure that new conditions often bring about.

However, the down side of this (and most cards and energies do have a downside) is that new and fresh can also be unexpected and sometimes unpleasant.  In many classic Tarot Decks (which this deck is not) the Fool is shown about to step off of a cliff (going into the unknown but also possible danger or self-destruction).  This deck is a bit more positive because the Fool is walking away from the house about to fall off the cliff, so one danger is avoided but he may be about to walk into a giant tree!

His choices are crashing into that Tree or keeping on the winding path, he also risks just tripping over the tree’s root,  because he isn’t paying attention to the world around him, but is listening to his own happy music.  We can’t see if his eyes are open or closed, but his hair is making it hard for him to focus.

So, while this card certainly shows that Death may be morphing into new beginnings, they may be littered with big surprises and not all of them pleasant, especially for those whose eyes are not yet opened, or paying attention to the reality around them.

Today could be a day for a radical change in world events (again natural or man-made) or at least the start for some of them.  Look for the unexpected both positive as well as negative, the grand surprise if you will.  But also look for people (or nations) happily acting as if all is well, when in fact they may be about to walk right into that tree, or even the cliff that may lurk behind it.

I also expect to see changes over what issues the media and the public focus (or are directed to focus) on over the next few days.  Folks should be careful not to be “fooled” into seeing what the mass media or Powers that Be want them to see.  They should also beware being so enchanted with their own music, that they can’t see what’s coming just over the next bump in the road.

On the other hand, this is a great day (world-wide) for musical expression, starting new enterprises, taking a fresh look at old patterns and even launching a new product.

Most energies are neither good nor bad, and the Fool is no exception; if anything The Fool as the Holy Fool is one of the best cards in the deck.  The problem is that People, Companies and Nations can also use the energy to act in Foolish or deceptive ways.  That’s what the Wise-Fool watches out for…

What goes for the world, pretty much goes for individuals with this card as well: new projects put on hold yesterday can now go ahead, fresh reviews of your life situation, reaching out for things desired, a time to start leaving one place and starting to move towards another.  Just remember, keep your EYES OPEN and the hair out of your face, because the danger hasn’t passed, it’s just not as visible to the unwary.

Make music today, but use it for healing rather than distraction and you will do well.

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