Card of the Day – Wed Aug 17, 2011

First, I want to point out that there really are 40 different cards in this deck and I am shuffling them very well, each time before I do these readings.  But sometimes, when energies are not really changing much, the same cards will just continue to pop up over and over until the cycle works itself through.  This can be as true in a reading for an individual as it is in a reading for the over all energy of the day.

So, once again, we have the Death Card and for new readers in this deck it symbolizes the sudden ending of something.  It can be the actual death of a person (or persons) but more often it tells us that something is getting ready to end and that sudden change may be likely to begin.  I sometimes think of it as the “stop card” because something that is going on is going to “stop,” or “die” or “pass away” totally from the scene.

Since we keep seeing this card coming up, I think that what ever this energy is about it is taking awhile to totally impact and bring about the end of whatever it is that is ending.  Obviously it is a very important and powerful energy because not only the greatest thing most people feel on  a personal level, the Death of an institution or nation or even hopes can be a very scary thing indeed. 

But, as I keep saying as this card continues to rule the energies of our days; many times thing have to end before something new can begin.  In this deck Death is the Ancient Burial Mound and cauldron of rebirth.  New life will come from this, but we aren’t there yet.

Once again from a world-wide stand point, this is a day to look for “deaths” and “endings,” all forms of sudden change are possible from Natural Disasters to further Stock Market crashes.  Since this is an ongoing pattern, it is unlikely (but possible) that the “end game” will come within the next 24 hours, but it isn’t totally impossible either.  My gut feeling is, that death is often a process and sometimes it takes awhile and that, that is what we are seeing with these repeating cards.

On a personal level, we’re back to it’s a better day to draw in and take stock of things than to start new projects.  You can continue on with those started earlier in the week, but keep them low-key if possible.  This is the day for cleaning out the closets not opening them up, a day for keeping a secret not to reveal them. 

As this energy has been with us off an on for the last couple of weeks, it obviously isn’t possible for us to call a total halt to our regular lives and go hide in a cave somewhere.  But it is a good time for personal “going within” such as meditation, choose to use the energy of the darkness and rebirth to focus on what things you wish to give birth to in the next cycle; both physical and spiritual. 

And remember, the Card of the Day is about Macro Energies, there are always other energy currents that swirl around our individual lives that we can reach out and make use of.  They are influenced by the over-all energy of any given 24 hour period, but they are not bound by it.

So, that is the Card of the Day for today!

Remember you can find out your personal energies for today or any day by getting your own card reading, I’m always happy to do personal readings for you!

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