Card of the Day – Tues Aug 16, 2011

Today I was only going to pick one card, but two cards literally jumped out of the deck and fell into my hand as I was finishing shuffling.  Having learned to let the cards take the lead, I decided to go ahead and use both cards and boy do these make an interesting combination.

The Mother Card – Primary card, it fell into my hands first; is over-all a very good card, especially in terms of Daily Energy.  It is the protective, material and nurturing qualities we associate with Mom’s (and Mother Goddesses) in fact, in a world energy reading,  you could see this card as Mother Gaia Herself.  If the card was standing alone, I would read this is a great day for starting new enterprises, for any sort of defensive actions and taking care of others (on an individual, national and international scale).  In other words a day of charity, hope and security.

But (and here we go with the big qualifier card) the other major energy at work today in the world is the NEVER card.  This card is also the Raven, in the Norse tradition, the messenger of Odin the God of Poetry but also of Battles and warriors.  Sometimes this card acts as a messenger card but sometimes this card really means what it says, that either something is “Never” going to happen or in this case something may be attempting to bring about a desired outcome.

Reading these two cards together, again we get a rather un-happy and concerning reading for the day’s energies, especially on a macro or world-wide scale.  Because it looks to me almost as if the Mother Energy is being blocked (or thwarted at least) by the Darker Forces of Winter (you can see the Raven is in the snow).  In other words, the energies are trying to reverse and balance from yesterday’s Death and Destruction cards, bringing in a nurturing, healing and loving energy but something very powerful is trying to reverse that. 

I don’t believe for one second that The Mother energy will “Never” be manifest in the world, but something very dark (in my view) is trying to prevent it from happening at this time.  Odin’s messengers (he has two Ravens) hint of secrets and dark places, Odin, by himself is not always a Dark figure, but he is a master of disguise and spy-craft.  Tools which are sometimes necessary for survival but can be subverted by those with wrong intent.  Those who chose to do such things, should beware the eventually outcomes of their chosen actions, but in the short-term it is up to us to be wary of them and be careful. 

In another sense, today is also a day to watch for weird global weather patterns as the Energies of Summer (mothering) play tug of war with Winter.  I don’t feel it matters which Season one is currently in (those in the South are moving from Winter to Summer) but the conflict again is between the two forces.  Right now, Mother Gaia is Stronger but Old Man Winter is knocking on her door; sometimes they hand over their energies in a gentle Fall and Spring, but these cards suggest this may not be the case. 

So today’s cards, while not as epic as yesterday, do give us some hints in what to be looking for in terms of the near future.  It looks like the source of the current difficult energies are both Natural (Earth-Mother) and Man-Chosen (Never-Hidden Secrets). 

Hopefully tomorrow will provide even more insights in one or two cards, these two energies should be especially prominent for the next 24 to 48 hours, but as with yesterday’s cards; I feel they are strong enough that they are unlikely to totally go away any time really soon (even if they fade back a bit).

Now for individuals, today could be a very good day, again because we can choose to work with one energy and pay attention to the other.  The Mother energy makes this a good day for new projects (again, we are seeing a pattern here) nurturing old projects along and taking care of yourself and your family.

Even the Never card can be useful and can follow-up with yesterday’s creative destruction, there are times when “Never” is a good thing as in “I never want to smoke again,” or “I never want to be without food, shelter and clothing if I can prevent it.” 

The two together make it a good day for charity work and giving of yourself, The Mother providing the caring energy and the Never providing the strong will to prevent suffering.

Overall, another “heavy” day for the Planet and possible world events (or events in the making) but for individuals a cautiously hopeful one.  You may run into some unexpected blockages towards things you want to do, but you can realize that is partly the energy of the day and mother yourself with a nice hot cup of tea.

After all, tomorrow is another day and what seems blocked today may turn into another bend in the path tomorrow.

That’s the Card(s) of the Day for Today,

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2 thoughts on “Card of the Day – Tues Aug 16, 2011

  1. I got quite the picture of a Mother standing up and saying “never” in quite firm tones when I started reading this. Remember Kali is a mother goddess too, thats why she needs all those arms.

  2. Very good observation and I’m glad you added it to the site, because I think you noticed something I didn’t – Mom could be Mad, that’s probably another part of this reading – Melodi

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