The Card of the Day – Sunday Aug 14, 2011

The Skills card is a wonderful and Positive card for today’s energy and a welcome change from some of the recently cards heavy with fate and warnings. 

The Skills show a bow, arrows and quiver and represent the building of personal and universal skills, the sort need to tackle and solve problems, not just have to hide from them.

On a world-wide scale, I’d say this indicates that the energies are starting to try to balance off each other again.  With yesterday’s warnings to be watchful for liars and cheats, not tempered with a good day to sharpen skills sets that can do just that! 

It also shows the energies may be moving from “reaction” mode to “solution mode,” which can be a good thing if the right skills are learned and applied to the current world situation.  The only negative aspect of this card is that skills are skills and can be used for both good and evil intentions.  But over all, I have a very good feeling about this card; as people and governments start to come out of shock and try to flow into skill building phase.

On a personal level, this is a great card for a weekend; the time when most people have a few extra moments to work on projects, learning and skills they would like to develop.  This is a wonderful time to start a new project (balancing the energy of last week which was a bad time for it)  a great time to attend a class or seminar, a perfect day for getting out your personal bows and arrow to practice with.

It is also a good day for athletes to work on their training and students to get ready for examinations or write research papers.  If you’ve been worried about your job, it is a very good day for looking at new prospects or talking to possible mentors about a career change.

Over all – a good day with good energy – Much improved over the last few days – Enjoy it and have a great Sunday – because no matter what tomorrow brings, today is a good day over all.

That’s today’s card of the day,

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