Card of the Day – Monday Aug 8, 2011

Todays Card is The Sage Card or the card for Wisdom and Caution in this deck.  This card indicates that The World’s daily energies are starting to move from the cosmic connections of The Star and the Wrath of the Beast; towards The Wisdom of taking stock and out for the Future based on the knowledge of the past.

It also shows that the energies are now starting to move outwards as well as inwards.  Outwards in a rather slow, well studied and educated way but outward once again.  Energies tend to flow back and forth and can only go inward for so long; if anything this card is a balance point.  You have the wise old man sitting alone in his study (inner work) but learning from the Ancient text (interacting with others) as well as writing his own notes (direct action by the individual).

These three points are the primary message for the individual for this day’s energy.  It is a good day to sit back, take stock of practical issues and consulting the wisdom of those we trust (both from those living and the printed word).  For taking notes on our current situation and starting to cautiously START making plans for what to do next.

Unlike the last few days, when the energies pretty much indicated a flashing red warning sign saying “take cover, stay inside and take care of yourself,” today’s energy suggests it is time to peak out of the shell a bit, look around how the land lies and plan accordingly.

For each person and family this is going to be different; some will discover that simply continuing on as they have been seems the best plan.  Others may want to start planning some rather drastic changes in their lives; but if you can avoid actually doing much (except careful planning and study) for a little while yet; you’ll be more with the universal flow.

While not a perfect time to actually start a new project, the energies are much more favorable for such adventures than they were last week.  It is a perfect time to start planning a change, anything from learning a new skill to breaking an old habit (this might be a good week to quick smoking if the energy continues in this direction).

I view this card as cautiously favorable, that while the World Energies may still be in a great deal of flux, an attempt is being made to balance them out.

Tomorrow’s card or cards may prove very interesting and give us a clue to where things are balancing towards – so stayed tuned.

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