Card of the Day – Sunday Aug 7, 2011


Well, first let me assure my readers that I really do shuffle my cards very well each morning (except yesterday when Card of the Day took a Saturday off, which will happen from time to time). 

It is highly unusual for the same card to show up twice in a row and to have it happen three times, so close together really is strange; so once again I chose a second “clarification card,” to help us out a bit.

In general, the Stars energy is still holding tight over the world in general.  It probably never really left, it was just on Friday the Death card energy was somewhat stronger; meaning a end game was in process and given the late new on Friday I think the finger is pretty squarely in the “ending” of the US as totally “triple AAA” rated super power may have something to do with this.  However, I certainly don’t think that was all of it and more is likely to be learned about the “secrets of the tomb” as time goes by.

Meanwhile, today we are back to the Stars; and while the Stars card is making connections and reaching out for dreams; it can also mean DESTINY.  I am starting to think this is a major part of this card’s energy that is at work for this time period.  It is showing us that what is happening in the world is something destined and possibly even fated to happen (perhaps fate is too strong a word, since the “destiny” in question was put in place by the choices of human beings and their governments). 

However, it is also interesting that the clarification card is “Work” which in this deck usually means mundane jobs, careers, the daily grind, the work we do to make money.  It can also mean inner-work, which individuals can focus on; but given the other daily card readings my guess is that everyone in the First World should be watchful for their jobs and the economy over the the next week.

On the flip side, for the individual, these cards could be a really good mix, if focused on properly.  You can use the positive energy of The Stars card to focus it towards the work you have to do, or would like to have. 

You can mediate on your current situation, and concentrate on just what “job destiny” you would ideally like to have.  Be creative, make your inner connections, what sort of “work” (both monetary and spiritual) would you dream to do, if you have all the choices in the world? 

Don’t sell yourself short, remember when you were a child and all the careers and paths of the world were open to you.  Nothing is too “childish or silly” to think about; remember wanting to be a cowboy or cowgirl? Why did that appeal to you as a child? What, if anything about it calls to you now?  Are there any connections you can make in your own life to make that happen?

Example, “I wanted to be a cowgirl because I loved the thought of riding horses, I still wish I could have ridden a horse…I wonder what the costs of riding lessons is..would learning to ride at my age even be possible…etc..” 

This doesn’t mean you have to jump up and call the local stable, but you’ve just used both The Star’s Energy and The Work energy to do some inner work and explore hidden feelings that have now “come to light” so you can “work on them.”

From a cautionary point of view though, the energies going into the next week do not look all that different from those of last week; save that this time the world is more prepared for them as they have already started to happen.

Keep your head down, except for inner work starting new projects is best avoided (if you can);  in the work-a-day world concentrate on your job if you have one and on searching if you don’t.  But still, a good time to stay close to family and friends, hug your kitties, pet your doggies and tell your kids and your partner that you love them.

More cards tomorrow (one or two) and we will see what The Star’s Destiny brings up next…