Card of the Day -Aug 5, 2011

The Death Card
The Death Card or the Burrial Chamber

Wow, todays card, The Death Card, indicates that the Beast of Yesterday has become The Destroyer of today.  While often a positive card (in this deck) in terms of renewal and transformation; given the current state of the world energy, I think this card is manifesting in its more negative aspect: that of THE END or FINAL STAGE of something.

Something is over, or will soon be over; this suggests to me that the current world financial implosion will continue at least for another day.  It is just possible that this card signals that today may be the worst for awhile (the end of the plunge).

However,  it is more likely (given yesterday’s Beast and Star Cards full of broken dreams and anger) that it indicates a feeling of death and desolation on the part of many people.

As an over-all energy card, again this card is not all bad; but does indicate the unfortunate results of some trends that yesterday sent into motion.

Now on a personal level, things can be much more positive if the energy is taken into account while going about your daily life.  Yesterday’s wild emotions and tendency to anger, can give way to calm and introspection.  For many, the inner silence may be a welcome change and provide a chance to embrace the other side of the death card that of: renewal and rebirth. 

Just as a plant can not grow until it is buried in the ground, we can not grow unless sometimes things in our lives come to an end; children become teenagers, who then become adults.  Adults go from student, to house-holder to elder; and in the process usually produce more children (or nurture those of others) who proceed along the same path. 

Old things die and new things begin, this is the essence of the Death Card, especially in this deck with its amazing image of the Old European Burial chambers. 

In many of the Old European Chambers, including New Grange here in Ireland; light was allowed into the chamber at certain important times of the year.  Many believe this may have been to show the souls of the newly dead the shinning path to the their new life beyond.

So, for awhile; rest in the silence and if mourning the ending of something important in your life; take time to process it.  Then, as the light begins to shine into the silence, use it to light the way to start making plans for the new future.

But today, is good day for staying inward focused rather than out-word focused.  A good day to meditate, bake bread and stay close to home and your loved ones.  The energies are still not favorable to new projects, though if you have to start them, try to approach them in a simple and balanced way.  Do not give into despair if things don’t seem to go according to plan of if something started simply comes to a sudden stop.

That’s just the energy of the day, and I feel it is a very powerful one.  Step back, take a deep breath and be ready to start again when the energies start moving again which the will.

The great thing about the Death card is the “Ending” it signals is also a clear sign that Great Change is about to occur.  Because nothing ever ends without something coming along to takes its place.

You may be able to do absolutely nothing about the outside world but watch and wait; but in your own life:

Go with the flow, today the ending, tomorrow the new beginning!