Card of the Day Aug 3, 2011

The Stars Card
The Stars-Psy Card Deck

Today’s card is The Stars – also from the psy-card Deck , in this deck the Stars represent both the coming together of patterns and reaching out for the dreams that result.

When first viewed, stars may appear to be disjointed, far away and over-whelming (a lot like life does at times) but if you look at them for very long, the patterns start to appear.  After while those patterns will begin to make sense and make it easier to figure out where you are and where you are going.

Unlike yesterday, where the energy was mostly outer focused, today’s energy is a combination of both.  It is focused outwards towards the universe and its millions of tiny patterns and miracles; but also inward towards the work of  internalizing them and starting to incorporate their messages into your own, inner life.

The energies of today would be very good for sorting through that closet you’ve been putting off, reviewing your job applications, studying for an exam, learning a new skill or starting a meditation or dream journal. 

Yesterday, the forces of the Warrior suggested a defensive stance, to hold on to what is already there, to be cautious when moving forward; but todays energy of the Stars suggests a balance is being reached with it now becoming time to reach out again and sort through that which needs sorting; with the goal of reaching what we desire.

The negative aspects of this card can be concentrating so much on what is beyond us, that we no longer see what is right in front of our nose.  So reach out, but don’t forget to draw in and take stock while your star-gazing!

Sorry this was a bit late today but I had a dental appointment, most days I will try to post by noon Irish time, which will be mid-day here and still morning for readers in North America.  Those Down Under, can console themselves with the fact that the “energies” are not stuck to calendar dates, but rather what is happen for around 24 hours when the card is pulled.  So, even if “today” is really “tomorrow,” it should make any difference.  I hope the comments section is working now, if you would like to comment please give it a whirl.  If it doesn’t work, please contact me and let me know!

Melodi Aug 3, 2011 – Rural Ireland